Artist Statement


© Bill Cameron

© Bill Cameron

I believe the process of creating the work is twofold: it is both the time when I develop the physical movement, and when the dancers develop their own intention within it. Through creative discussions, we discover how their history informs the work and compliments the overall intention of the piece. It is the simple, personal nature of my work that feeds my creative soul, and allows me to pursue the question ‘what is honesty?’.

I am a dancer and a passionate creator of movement based performance work. My voice is grounded in a strong ballet background, has expanded through the study of folk dance and continues to mature in the study of modern and post-modern dance.

My choreographic style incorporates virtuosic physicality, a resilient use of weight, and repetition. It is supported by an airy use of space to define the landscape, and a theme or loose narrative to develop the piece. I use these qualities as a vehicle to stimulate and invigorate the hearts and minds of an audience.

I begin choreographing by paring down ideas into key words and phrases that are translatable into movement. Through the use of choreographic techniques, I manipulate the steps and original phrases to create a piece that is honest and intimate. The articulation of emotional response enables sensitive subject matter to be made palatable through the lens of dance.