Artist Statement


© Bill Cameron

© Bill Cameron

I am a dancer and passionate creator of movement based performance work. Through a tactile engagement of skin, muscle, and bone, I explore the physicality of human touch as a means of communication, from performer to audience.

I am inspired by work that is multi-dimensional in nature and experience. Choreographically I find this in the theatricality and repetition of Pina Bausch’s work, as well as Carl Flink’s embrace of physical risk. I also find this in the garments of fashion designer Iris Van Herpen, who has an uncanny eye for highlighting the internal and external architecture of the body.

My work is conceptually driven, examining the social/political climates and constructs I grew up understanding as truth, and its affects on my present community. This is grounded in questioning the abuse, exploitation and oppression of the dancing body: why do we as dancers succumb to a culture that seeks to destroy our bodies for an audiences’ pleasure?

It is at the intersection of my experience and others that a relevant and fruitful concept is born. An acceptance of weight …. The exploration that follows allows me to explore: what is ‘honesty’ in dance?