Artistic Collaborators

b.a. musser is a Minneapolis based sound designer and synthesist. His work has been frequently reinvented. Early work included introductory experimental soft synthesis in common programs, computer and mobile phone applications, and field recordings. Recent work has been expanded to an extensive investigation of relationships between music hardware and environmental influences. Most frequently, he is collaborating with Alexandra Bodnarchuk and producing music under monikers ROUGHANDERSON and TENEMENTAL. More about Musser can be found by clicking HERE.

Photographic Collaborators

Lindsay Dill is a recent graduate of Point Park University in photojournalism. She has worked at The Jewish Chronicle and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Lindsay collaborated with Alexandra as the photographer for CONNOTATIONS: unknown. For more information about Lindsay click HERE.

Revere La Noue is a contemporary artist, filmmaker, and consultant on a wide array of creative projects all over the world. He is committed to pushing the frontier of visual storytelling through innovation and professional collaboration. He and Alexandra collaborated for his project Emoticon, which opened in Durham, NC this Fall. Emoticon, Feeling Unsimplified, is a collection of paintings and prints that explore the human expression in an era of increasinly compressed communication. Her picture was used for Unsimplified no. 1 (second photo below). For more information about the project, and to see pictures of the show, please click HERE

Germaine Williams is a native Chicagoan who currently calls Pittsburgh home; for more information about Germaine click HERE.