HATCH Presenting Series, Jennifer Muller / The Works


In May 2014 Alexandra and Zëk presented their duet, [Im] Passe, at the HATCH Presenting Series in New York, NY.  They co-choreographed this piece for Alexandra's CONNOTATIONS: unknown premiere.  

[Im] Passe plays with:

Physicality. Visceral impact. Moments of tenderness. Intimacy. Tests the boundaries of [our] Trust. Pushes the point of Exploitation [Trust]. Deconstructs the line and draw between two individuals.  

Jennifer Muller / The Works initiated HATCH – The Saturday Presenting Series was created in the Spring of 1997 in response to the need in the dance field for a cost-free space in which to present the work of both emerging and established artists. The Works believes that each of their voices deserves a platform for mentorship and performance. The series has presented over 700 choreographic works.

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