We have to change the standards ... because right now by participating in the system you’re accepting that ... There has to be push back.
— Alexandra Bodnarchuk

Eating Disorder Feature - WESA, Pittsburgh's NPR News Station


Usually, there’s a least at least one or two a year underweight. And there’s probably quite, not quite a few , but there are some that are overweight ... Not that they’re obese... for a dancer they’re too ... too ... round. Not enough tone.
— Janet Popeleski, Principle Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School

There are so many conversations that need to happen, and there can’t be too many about expressing how we feel about our bodies. t’s critically important, and it’s not limited to the dance world.
— Leslie Bonci, owner Active Eating Advice and former nutritionist of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater

Something Pretty will navigate the battle one has when having to decide, day by day, to live.

So why, as one of the deadliest mental illness in the United States, are eating disorders still stigmatized?

a unique performing experience that … lifted the energy of the Festival

... an intense compilation ... ranging from tentative touching to violence ... Very powerful.

... Alexandra really had a great sense of the subtle gestures necessary to experience the intimacy of a slow dance.
— On her performance in Bricolage's STRATA

Ultimately, the STRATA experience was about you...series of “refitnessing tests”...dancing with an actress at a mock prom.