Where I Live

Where I Live is a series of works developed from the same seed idea. Over time the work has shifted and morphed into a reflection and examination of the experiences of the performer’s who bring it to life. The works include Descent (2016), Choice (2016), Shell Game (2017), and Why We Have Mountains (2018).

This work was presented as part of the Happy Hour performances at the Candy Box Festival at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis, MN in May 2018.

To watch the full work, click HERE.

Why We Have Mountains

Why We Have Mountains built upon the research Alexandra conducted while making Shell Game. Through discussion about the word and concept of Acceptance, the artists discovered how their personal stories and experiences informed this relationship. Through conversation and movement exploration they discovered a common thread between their experiences that was used to shape the movement and inform the work.

This work was commissioned by Threads Dance Project for Tapestries 3.0 which premiered at The TEKBOX in Minneapolis, MN in March 2018.

To watch the full work, click HERE.


Shell Game

Shell Game explores the mental turmoil and non-linear path to finding acceptance as told through the collective lens of the artists.

This piece was created as part of the Zenon Dance Zone Choreography Program and premiered at the Zenon Dance Zone Showcase in August 2017.



3LayerKake (3LK) is an ongoing contextually stochastic audience informed improvisational movement, sound, and power study. The audience is prompted to share their desires for the evening prior to the performance. Using these desires as data, musser/Bodnarchuk respond to these desires through movement and sound in a conditionally guided improv.

This work exploits the power exchange between artist and audience. Intent, pleasure, and execution are at stake throughout a performance. Prior to the performance of 3LK, viewers are instructed to provide a few notes on their desires of the performers/performance, i.e. what they want to see, experience, feel. musser/Bodnarchuk dissect the responses for trends. Analyzed data is then used to feed a contextually informed performance. 3LK attempts to investigate what artists must do to create meaningful, provocative, and evolving work while still providing an engaging performance for audiences. musser/Bodnarchuk use sound and movement to provide immediate data feedback for the audience to have what they want. 

3LayerKake premiered at Future Interstates, a bi-monthly event that was curated by Body Cartography and HIJACK, in Minneapolis MN in March 2017.

10 One Minute Dances

10 One Minute Dances was an improvisational solo that explored pieces of Alexandra's foundational movement vocabulary. These included: sculptural shapes, repetition, and circles. 

This work was presented at 9x22 Dance/Lab at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, MN in February 2017. 


Something Pretty

[Something Pretty] made me feel more understood and less alone ... truly meaningful and beautiful and I'll remember it for the rest of my life"  - audience member

Eating disorders are the deadliest mental illness in the United States. They affect 20 million women and 10 million men a year, not including the scores of individuals who suffer body dissatisfaction and sub-clinical disordered attitudes and behaviors. Many of these cases are seen in females ages fifteen to twenty-four years, and many of them participate in dance. 

Something Pretty physicalizes the mental and emotional struggle that individuals with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and other eating disorders are faced with on a daily basis. Through research and discussion and an excavation of our own experiences, we discovered three themes that became the driving forces of the work: Idealization, Obsession, and Acceptance. These themes enabled us to embody a journey that speaks to the trajectory of many of these individuals. This journey resolves itself by choosing a healthier, brighter and hopeful future.

Our goal is that this work inspires a discussion about eating and related disorders that informs and opens a door to those who are unaware of the nuances of these struggles. Following each performance Alexandra and Guest Dancer Alicia Hann, shared their stories about their struggles with eating disorders. Collectively the artists engaged in an open dialogue with the audience and fielded their questions and curiosities about these disorders.  

Something Pretty premiered at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh, PA in August 2016.

To view the trailer, click HERE.

Read and listen to the featured articles about Something Pretty by WESA/NPR and the Tribune Review. 

For this work Alexandra collaborated with photographer Hannah Altman to develop a series of images to accompany this project. Most specifically, these photos were used for the programs, which were designed like a fashion magazine. In Alexandra's own experience, fashion magazines played a pivotal role in her struggle with an eating disorder. Something Pretty offered her an opportunity to create such images on her own terms. Below are those images. To enlarge, click the image. 

Dance! From the Inside Out

"a unique performing experience that … lifted the energy of the Festival"  Pittsburgh Dance Examiner

Dance! From the Inside Out was a collaborative dance video project comprised of Pittsburgh based artists.

Over a three month period dancers from Texture Contemporary Ballet, The Get Down Gang and freelance modern dancers came together to create a site-specific dance piece. They aimed to choreograph a fun and exciting cross-genre performance that highlighted each style: ballet, hip hop and modern. Additionally, the dancers worked in collaboration with videographer David Cherry to develop a cutting edge way to capture dance on film via the use of Go Pros. 

The goal: to enable the audience to see dance from the INSIDE, out.

During each rehearsal the dancers would teach and learn each other's styles. Then the dancers were paired with another dancer from another style to create a duet. Throughout the rehearsal process David would come in and the dancers would rehearse wearing the Go Pros. The videos that were made from this process enabled the viewer to get a close up look at what it felt like to be inside the dance, rather than watching it from afar. 

Dance! From the Inside Out premiered at the 2015 Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival

To watch the full performance, click HERE. To watch the video from the participants, click HERE.


... and counting

…and counting explores the value of the numerical facts by which we define ourselves. Bodnarchuk uses the metronome of Time as a constant, a means of accessing the past, present and future. As she grapples with the weight and gravity of these two concepts she begins to unravel, allowing the audience to see what’s hidden beneath the seams of her existence.

... and counting premiered at the NewMoves Contemporary Dance Festival at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh, PA in May 2015.

To view the full work, please click HERE.



"…an intense compilation…ranging from tentative touching to violence….Very powerful." Pittsburgh CrossCurrents

Runner-up mention in the 2014 Best of Dance article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette!

CONNOTATIONS: unknown began as an idea that hatched during my run as an actor in Bricolage's STRATA.  It wasn't until after the show came to an end that I was able to write down the jumble of thoughts and ideas swirling in my head about what had happened in STRATA. Over the 5-week run of the show I was there as hundreds of people experienced my room.  I performed the same movements for each participant regardless of sex, age, or appearance; each one reacting differently than the last. Their reactions changed my intention, or the way I performed each movement. As I began to sift through these thoughts about 'how?' and 'why?' this happened, I became even more intrigued in using movement to continue to research human emotion and subsequent interactions. To me this work is a physical and artistic expression of my STRATA experience, and the result of the research we'd done in the studio. By investigating the superficial and emotional nature of these relationships, we created a work that transcended the confines of a traditional ‘dance piece’ and became an experience the audience and performers collectively shared.

CONNOTATIONS: unknown premiered at PearlArts Studios in Pittsburgh, PA in May 2014. 

To view the trailer please click HERE.